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 No need to lose money


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Of Charge

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Learn About Our Guidelines

  • Who can use AMZexpiry?

    Any Amazon FBA seller can use our service. Higher volume sellers will find our service more valuable. Although any seller, large or small, may use our service, it may not be suitable for low volume sellers.

  • How can I become a member?

    Read and accept our Terms and Agreement. Then sign up!

  • Why is there a membership fee?

    We value partnership! As much as we would like to offer our services to everyone, we simply cannot due to the significant amount of work in managing each client's account. In most cases, our clients will receive more revenue from us each month compared to the cost of membership.

  • What are your Terms and Agreements?

    Click here to see our Terms and Service Agreement.

  • Do I have to send all of my merchandise to AMZexpiry?

    No. Clients can create a Removal Order for the items that they would like to send.

  • Can I trust this service?

    Absolutely, we provide complete transparency with every transaction. We take photos of high dollar merchandise that is damaged or defective to show our clients proof of condition.

  • Why do you limit the number of clients?

    Our membership is very unique to the Amazon seller network. To uphold the highest level of customer satisfaction, we strategically offer our services in waves.

  • How do you determine the value of an item?

    Value is determined by Amazon's 90-day average List Price for the respective condition.

  • Can I cancel an Annual Plan?

    Yes. Clients will be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis for the number of months remaining. However, the Annual Plan discount would be deducted for each month subscribed.

  • Is there a quantity limit per item?

    No, we will process any number of items you send to us.

  • What types of items do you buy?

    Items that are in Excellent, Good or Fair condition. Any item we attempt to sell, we buy! See Disposal items under "Pricing" for merchandise that we typically do not purchase.

  • Why do you NOT buy Seasonal or Private Label?

    There is high risk involved with these types of items mainly due to the level of demand. However, if we attempt to sell an item, we will pay for the item. We generally do not buy seasonal or private label items, but there are exceptions.

  • What does AMZ expiry do with the processed merchandise?

    We sell merchandise in a discount store, we donate, and we dispose.

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